8 Interesting Facts on Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a popular vegetable cosmetic. We like it, use it and recommend it. Jojoba oil is safe, effective, universal and very valuable. However, despite of having its place on shelves of most women, there is not that much of sure things that we can enumerate about this oil. Let us introduce to you few interesting facts about this unique oil.

Fact No. 1

Jojoba oil is exceptionally stable vegetable oil, which makes it different from most of natural vegetable extracts. It is very resistant to oxidation and high temperatures (even 300 °C), and has no expiration date.

Fact No. 2

Jojoba oil added to other oil, extends this oil expiration date and durability. It is recommended to mix jojoba oil with less stable oils, which will gain a bit more properties and durability.

Fact No. 3

Extracted from jojoba shrub, oil has form of liquid wax with a bit golden colour. It is easy to check, whether jojoba oil changed consistency, because it solidifies in temperature of about -7 °C. Name of this product is a bit misleading, because it is a wax not an oil.

Fact No. 4

Latin name of the plant from which is extracted jojoba oil, is Simmondissia chinensis, which indicates that the country of origin of jojoba must be China. It is a mistake, and the name was as misleading that to the name was added “californica”, from the region of USA where it comes from.

Fact No. 5

Jojoba oil contributed to saving population of whales, because it replaced extracted from frontal lobe of this animals – spermaceti. Jojoba oil has almost the same properties as spermaceti, so it started to be used as an equivalent of it. It limited huntings on whales.

Fact No. 6

Jojoba oil has chemical structure similar to human sebum, secreted by skin. That is why jojoba oil can easily complement deficiencies of natural sebum in dry skin. In case of excess sebum in oily skin, jojoba oil will stop sebum secretion.

Fact No. 7

Jojoba oil is not suitable for digesting by our stomach. In spite of that fact, it can be used in cooking, mainly for frying (because of high resistance to to temperatures). As our organism does not absorbs it, jojoba oil will be great in low calorie diet or diet for lowering cholesterol level.

Fact No. 8

Scentless jojoba oil is used in production of perfumes as a fragrance carrier. Perfumes made with jojoba oil are less volatile than those made with alcohol, and that makes them much more long lasting.