Liquid gold from America. What do you know about jojoba oil?

It's been a common ingredient of various cosmetics for years. While watching a commercial or reading the ingredients of a particular product, your brain remembers that jojoba is included in the product and automatically you treat it as the cosmetic's asset. Surely, it's very positive but do you know why jojoba is important for our good looks? And what do you really know about it? You must read our short fact sheet.

  • it is produced in the seeds of chamaephyte from Central America (Simmondsia chinensis) commonly known as jojoba.
  • jojoba shrub's seeds resemble olives - they grow in a green protective areola
  • to tell the truth jojoba isn't an oil (we call that for simplification), it is an untypical liquid wax
  • it has unusual - different from other oils - ingredients: fatty acids and as a result unusual properties
  • it is perfect for skin (to be more precise for wax esters) because in its structure it resembles natural in our body sebum
  • jojoba is really "smart" - it is able to recognize the type of skin and depending on the skin's needs, provides what it is necessary. Jojoba controls the amount of sebum our body releases: gives it to dry skin and limits in greasy skin.
  • it is also perfectly absorbed by the skin and doesn't clog pores
  • contains natural sun protection factor (it's not high, around 4, but still such protection is better than not having it at all)
  • jojoba accelerates regeneration of skin cells and also takes care of its natural pH
  • jojoba's shrubs are grown away from all kinds of cities therefore its oil is outstandingly clean - it's free from chemical or toxic substances
  • it is anti-inflammatory
  • it provides moisurizing for our hair and skin
  • it contains almost all the vitamins which keep our hair and skin in good health and shape
  • it's successful in fighting cellulite
  • it's mild so children and people with sensitive skin can use it
  • it is immunostimulating - enhances skin cells' immunity
  • That's enough of catching up. Enjoy your shopping!

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